to Silken Windhounds. If you're visiting it's no doubt because you've heard a little about this amazing breed.  

You can learn about Silkens by going to the International Silken Windhound Society website at You'll find the history of the breed, the breed standard, links to breeders, and the information you'll need to get more involved in the Silken community.

Silkens are very special dogs. They will be your loving, entertaining companion, or you can enjoy the fun of lure coursing, racing, and showing them as well. We show in conformation at ISWS (International Silken Windhound Society) specialty shows, and are welcome to show in UKC, ICKC, and IABCA shows. We attend ASFA (American Sighthound Field Association) lure coursing events, straight racing with LGRA (Large Gazehound Racing Association), oval racing with NOTRA (National Oval Track Racing Association), and open field coursing with NOFCA (National Open Field Coursing Association). These dogs are very versatile and there is little they won't enjoy doing with you.  

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Candy, Winsome Lady Godiva, bred to Drifter whelped on Nov. 17.  She is very proud of her one beautiful boy. 
                           Last updated November 22, 2014
Drifter returned to BooFest where he finished his ISWS Ch last year going BISS.  He repeated that win in 2014 going BISS in Show 2.  He was awarded an AOM in Show 1. Way to go! More>  

Fall Colors...
Winsomes Peppermint Patty charmed her way to BISS at BooFest 2014.  She also participated in Jr. Showmanship, the costume contest and LGRA meet.  Quite the weekend! More>
Aigrette's Winsome Lass